Social, community and human rights issues

The Groups Indian Subsidiary Karanja Terminal & Logistics Private Limited has been required to set up a CSR committee consisting of their board members and one independent member. The concept of CSR is governed by clause 135 of the Companies Act, 2013, which was passed by both Houses of the Parliament, and had received the assent of the President of India on 29 August 2013. The act is applicable to KTPL as its net worth exceeds 500 INR Crores. The Company has invested in local CSR activities to the tune of GBP £0.05 million (4,631 INR Crores) till Dec 2018 which consist of constructing village walls, public toilets, providing computers for municipal school and providing drinking water tankers, Donation for Sawan Mahotsav and Empowerment of women, Donation for Ganpati Festival, Sponsorship fees paid to Vanrai Fondation.

The Group proposes to engage in several CSR initiatives over the tenure of its lease agreement with the Maharashtra Maritime Board.

The CSR Program will address the following areas for community development in the Chanje area:

  • Education/Literacy Enhancement: 15% of the total budget
  • Employment/Skill Development: 20% of the total budget
  • Community Development: 10% of the total budget
  • Health and Sanitation: 15% of the total budget
  • Help to the Fishermen Community: 15% of the total budget
  • Social Amenities/Infrastructure Development: 10% of the total budget
  • Environment Protection: 15% of the total budget

These are indicative percentages; actual expenditure amongst these areas will depend upon local needs and discussion with local government bodies and citizen forums.