Corporate Governance

From 28 September 2018 the Company is required under the AIM Rules to comply with a recognised corporate governance code chosen by the Board. The Board recognises the importance of sound corporate governance and intends that the Company will comply with the provisions of the QCA Code. The Company shall disclose on its website how it complies with the QCA Code and where it departs from the QCA Code, will explain the reasons for doing so.

The Board has established the following committees:

  • Audit Committee

An audit committee has been established by the Company to operate from Admission and will comprise Mr. John Fitzgerald, Mr. Andrew Henderson & Mr. Howard Flight. The audit committee will be chaired by Mr. Howard Flight and will meet at least twice each year. The audit committee's responsibilities will include ensuring the appropriate financial reporting procedures are properly maintained and reported on, and for meeting with the Company's auditors and reviewing their reports and accounts and the Company's internal controls.


  • Remuneration Committee

The Company has established a remuneration committee, comprising Mr. John Fitzgerald, Mr. Andrew Henderson and Mr. Howard Flight. The remuneration committee will be chaired by Mr. John Fitzgerald. The remuneration committee's responsibilities will include reviewing the bonuses, determining at what point the Company should adopt any form of share option plan and the application of the performance standards which may apply to any grant.


  • Share Dealing Code

The Company has adopted a Share Dealing Code for the Board and employees with the terms of the policy. Both Mr. Howard Flight  and Mr. John Fitzgerald, non-executive Directors of the company to be independent.